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Video and measured drawing of the Desktop-Writing Case project from The New Yankee Workshop on PBS (2000 season, episode #1208). The Katie Jig system was used to create the dovetails in this woodworking project.

See the KatieJig System Tools in Action

See our friend Charles Neil, from The Workshop with Charles Neil, using the KatieJig System Tools in his work.

Go to Charles Neil's website, and under the Woodworking Techniques videos, and you can see Charles setting up and using the KatieJig.

Also, check out his videos on YouTube: WOODWORKING - Dovetail Jigs, A Discussion with Bob & Charles

Charles is a professional woodworker with over 30 years experience.  His website: www.antiquesbuiltdaily.com is full of wonderful tips, projects, DVD’s and videos you can use in your projects. Good Information, brought to you by Charles Neil!!!!!”